About Us

ET Guitars Australia, and the Taylor-Made Custom Shop, provide quality custom guitar products, parts, and luthier supplies, to guitarists, luthiers and techs around the world. We aim to provide a one-stop solution for guitarists, and offer a rare opportunity for you to make your instrument as unique and personalised as you wish.

ET Guitars was founded by Ernie Taylor, from a life-long love of the electric guitar. Inspired by KISS guitarist Ace Frehley, Ernie used to sketch guitar designs at an early age, and later found inspiration from the Ibanez, Jackson, Dean USA and ESP guitar companies, who in their heyday of the 1980's and 1990's, produced some truly innovative and beautiful instruments.

Initially frustrated with the lack of options offerred to the general public by the major international guitar companies, Ernie started investigating custom shops to produce a couple of his ideas as personal guitars. He was then frustrated to find that custom shops were not willing or able to produce designs, in decent timeframes or affordable prices. If he couldn't get somebody to make the guitars, then he'd just have to do it himself... Undaunted by the thought of building his own guitar, Ernie started out with some power tools, sand paper and elbow grease and began work. The first guitars were the Marble and Lightning, both paying homage and tribute to the awesome Ibanez Jem line of guitars, designed by Steve Vai. Further inspiration came in the form of swirl artwork, first done on electric guitars by Darren Johansen for the Fender and Ibanez companies.

By 2005, the prototypes received positive feedback by international guitar forums, and the Marble in particular appeared on various "Most Beautiful Guitar" forum threads. The interest from the guitar community turned into requests for similar custom work to be done for them... and by 2007 Ernie found the need to set up a company and expand the workshop in order to handle the custom work demand. In 2009, ET Guitars became affiliated with Guitar Central, in Mittagong NSW Australia, to display and provide retail shopfront, for the growing number of guitars and parts.

Today, the ET Guitars workshop is continuing to expand, and the quality of designs and workmanship improves with every product made.

From the power tool and sandpaper beginnings, ET Guitars now has the following capabilities;

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