ET Guitars and Fede Designs Collaboration

24-Jun-2011 ET Guitars is proud to announce that we will be supporting and collaborating with Fede Designs.

Fede Designs is based in Philadelphia USA, and owned & operated by Herc Fede. Herc is world reknowned in the artform of "Swirling", and has created dozens of beautiful and awe-inspiring works of art on guitars. His style is unmistakable, with its flowing patterns and sheer depth of color.

Together we hope to provide a unique custom guitar solution for players who love their guitars to be truly one of a kind. With Herc's experience and talent in the artform, and the Taylor-Made Customshop's wide range of options and possibilities, we know there will be something for every enthusiast.

Herc swirled guitar bodies will be available soon, and for sale in our Store. Check back often, or make sure to sign up to our Monthly Newsletter, as we will showcase them also in our regular updates.

Clich here for the Herc Fede Gallery, to check out some of Herc's recent work. Its a great example of the styles and color themes that Herc has created in the last couple of years. Enjoy!!!