Herc Fede retires, Fede Designs is Closing


It is with sorrow we announce that Herc Fede has closed the Fede Designs workshop, and will no longer be performing his Swirl artwork finish on guitars. Consequently, ET Guitars will no longer be offering Fede swirl finishes. There will be one final Jem style body coming into store in the near future, please keep a look out for it as it may be your last chance to own a Fede swirl.

Herc has hung up his "swirling gloves", and decided to change his direction in life, for personal and family reasons. We have enjoyed working with Herc immensely over the last 12 months, and it was a pleasure to assist in his creative passion. We wish Herc all the success and happiness in his future plans.

For those fortunate enough to own one of Herc's swirled guitars, we are sure you will always enjoy it.

For those still interested in swirled finishes, ET Guitars will continue to offer our own unique take on the artform, and are happy to discuss any custom or traditional swirl schemes for your guitar project.