"Made In Australia" Label

16-Sep-2014 We will be proudly using the "Made In Australia" decal on all our guitars from now. Its really very important to us and we thank everyone who has purchased or shown interest in our guitars. We manufacture the full guitars and many of the parts here in Australia, with Australian people's blood sweat and tears, and believe we can compete with many of the imported products.

But not just us, in general, if you can please CHOOSE to buy local, and support your local businesses. This will keep your hard earned money in your local economy, and help to create jobs and training in valuable skill bases for the community, especially the young.

Its often very tempting to purchase cheap imported items, but try and do your bit for your local, and don't roll with the Substandard Wages and Conditions in the other countries where those items were made. DO IT !!!! Straya!