New Model "WarMachine" coming soon...


Coming soon due to popular demand and many enquiries, is the ET Guitars version of the classic B#Machine style guitar.

The "WarMachine" will be a good option for the B#Machine purists, as well as providing a wide range of options to modernise the style to your taste.

The WarMachine will have the following options available;

- Available in 6,7,8 string

- Exotic timbers available in body and neck construction, with many options for droptops, fretboards and laminates.

- Finishes available in Natural oiled, to Transparents and Bursts, Painted Opaque, Metallics, Neons, even why not Swirls!

- Multiscale options with 3 of the common fanned scale formats.

- Chambered option for droptop constructions.

Offers for pre-order will commence around Easter 2015, with a limited first run of 10-12 WarMachines over a 4 month timeframe. Offers will first be published in the Newsletter, so please make sure to subscribe and keep an eye out for more info.

The mockups below show some possibilities with the WarMachine options. The pics use images from stock that will be available in the first production run.