NEW Product release - ET's Slippery Nut Cream tuning lubricant


We now have in store our in-house formulated "ET's Slippery Nut Cream" tuning lubricant product. Click to go to our online store.

For years we have used similar products, to assist in the tuning stability of our factory setups. Fixed-nut guitars have the enduring issue of string hold up, particularly in the G and B string slots, where the string grips in the slot and causes tuning to drift. The old remedies were to rub some graphite in the slot, but who wants to dirty up a nice white bone nut and your fingers, and not to mention keeping graphite away from your guitar pickups! 

So we came up with a formula that provides ultra low friction, that is easy to use and made from cosmetic grade ingredients, non-toxic and safe for the environment. The lube tube comes packaged in a tidy and tough plastic tube, that is small and will hide away in your hardcase, or live happily in your toolkit or luthiers workbench. It can also be used on tremolo posts for those trem knife edge contacts, and basically any other contact point that your steel string makes with a saddle, string retainer, ferrule etc.

Great value at only AU$15 per tube, get one and see the difference!