Replacement Ibanez Jem bodies in Store NOW

17-Jun-2011 Check out our Store, we are building up stocks of our aftermarket Ibanez Jem style Replacement Bodies.

They are precision CNC manufactured, and make a great basis to build your own custom... whether its your design, a tribute or a swirl project starter.

We have chosen to use South Pacific Mahogany as the default timber. Its great to work with, and has a good generic tone reminiscent of American Alder... so you can be assured of a great sounding and relatively light weight guitar body. We can make the same bodies from any of the timbers we have available, but these will need to go through the Customshop as a special order, so please inquire if you have other preferences.

The first is a rear routed version, that appeared on some of the Ibanez Jems, particularly the limited edition swirl artwork models. The next coming up in stock will be the front routed, like the type used for the current Jem7VWH model. Look out for these and more soon!!!