Run 2 OPEN for OS Production series Guitars


ORDERS OPEN FOR OS Production Series Guitars - Run 2

We are pleased to announce a second run our new OS production line series guitars for pre-order. These great value guitars are manufactured by our partner facility in China. In this run we will offer the Avenger FM6, and the MIG FM6 multiscale guitars.

Run 2 special price offer - $100 OFF the Avenger FM6 and $200 OFF MIG FM6, price only for this run pre-order.

Orders will be open from today until sold out, or 15th May, whichever comes first!

Payment Plans available, just ask!

Email us on with any questions or to place deposit for your pre-order.

Avenger FM6 - AU$799. Same base price for slanted pickup version, just purchase your preferred slanted pickup set, or request us to factory install for you, no upcharge for installation labour. Seafoam, Purple Candy, Satin Black, or White Gloss only this run.

MIG FM6 Headless Multiscale - AU$1599  - Trans Black and Trans Blue only this run. 

ET Guitars

6th May 2017