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Welcome to the Taylor-Made Custom Shop! From Mild to Wild, this is the starting point for your Dream Axe...

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Download our Custom Forms

Custom Body Form - Excel Custom Body Form - Excel (92 KB)

Custom Body Form - PDF Custom Body Form - PDF (153 KB)

Custom Neck Form - Excel Custom Neck Form - Excel (106 KB)

Custom Neck Form - PDF Custom Neck Form - PDF (43 KB)

Please take a moment to check out all our current options for custom builds, listed in the Forms. There are tech specs and measurements included on the Forms, but don't worry if you're not sure about some of them, we can help you with the design.

Please submit Forms to our main contact email, 

Another handy tool we can recommend is a guitar modelling program. There are two very good and simple to use pages. These clever programs can allow you to design a mockup of a guitar, with loads of different options and colors, and the sort of instruments that are possible in our Custom Shop.

One is the awesome Kisekae Virtual Imaging System for guitarsTo open the menu page click here TCT Kisekae . Follow the page down for the style of guitar, click on the guitar pics to open the editing program.

Another is the VRG Builder , that is simpler and designed for well known super-strat style guitars.

Enjoy, and we look forward to seeing your designs!