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Body, ET Stratojem FX6

  • $190.00

Body, ET Guitars "Stratojem" , Pacific Mahogany

This is a precision CNC manufactured body of our own ET Stratojem design.

The body is a hybrid of the vintage strat©, but allows addition of an "All Access Neck Joint" (AANJ) style, 24 fret neck, giving the looks of a vintage guitar but with a faster shred neck. The body is routed for 3 single coil pickups, and a fixed bridge.

Specifications are;
  • South Pacific Mahogany (we rate as a "Balanced" Tonewood in our charts). Design is available in other timbers to Custom order, eg. American Ash, Mahogany with a Figured Top etc. Please contact us for custom quote.
  • 25.5" scale length, 24 fret, 6 string design.
  • All Access Neck Joint (AANJ) compatible.
  • 57mm neck pocket, accepts most Ibanez RG and Jem necks, pre-2000.
  • Arm and tummy contours for comfort.
  • Compatible with Gotoh fixed bridge.
  • All wiring channels and holes are drilled
  • Requires a custom pickguard, as shown in photo *please order separately* - ET Stratojem FX6 Pickguard.

The Mahogany timber is a great alternative to American Alder, is very good to sand and seal, and accepts stains for attractive natural finishes. Also great to use for opaque finishes, or as a base for custom "swirl" projects.   

Body, ET Stratojem FX6
Body, ET Stratojem FX6Body, ET Stratojem FX6

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