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Body, Jem Style, Square Heel

  • $219.00
  • Heel Type
    AANJ (All Access Neck Joint) $0
    Original Square heel $0
    Routing Options
    Battery Box

Body, Jem Style, Original Square heel, Pacific Mahogany

This is a precision CNC manufactured replacement/aftermarket body in the style of an Jem.

Specifications are;
  • South Pacific Mahogany (we rate as a "Balanced" Tonewood in our charts) 
  • Original Square Heel compatible.
  • 56mm neck pocket, accepts RG and Jem square heel Japanese necks, pre-2000.
  • Compatible with Ibanez Edge, or Lo-Pro, tremelo units.
  • All wiring channels and holes are drilled 
  • Angled input jack
  • "Monkey Grip" accessory
  • "Lion's Claw" trem route
  • Supplied with black plastic cavity cover plates for tremelo, electronics and jack.

The Mahogany timber is a great alternative to American Alder, is very good to sand and seal, and accepts stains for attractive natural finishes. Also great to use for opaque finishes, or as a base for custom "swirl" projects.   

Body, Jem Style, Square Heel
Body, Jem Style, Square HeelBody, Jem Style, Square HeelBody, Jem Style, Square Heel

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