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Blaze Bridge DP702 Green

  • $149.00
DiMarzio Blaze Bridge DP702 Green

7-string guitars are hard to amplify. Most players tune the seventh string to a low B (or even A) and it's a real trick to get a big, solid tone from the other strings without the seventh turning to mud. Blaze humbuckers solve the problem by tuning the 2 coils to different frequencies. Low notes are fat and highs are bright and clean. Recommended for the bridge position.

The Blaze is designed with a scooped midrange to keep the low seventh string as bright and open-sounding as possible. Chords are very clean and even heavy overdrive retains a lot of definition.


  • Wiring: Standard 4-conductor
  • Magnet: Ceramic
  • Output: 380mV
  • DC resistance: 20.75K
  • Year of introduction: 1990
  • Patent # 4,501,185

Blaze Bridge DP702 Green

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