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Blaze Neck DP700 Green

  • $149.00
DiMarzio Blaze Neck DP700 Green

This is the model originally designed for the neck position of the Ibanez Universe. The neck position needs to be warm, but not too fat (nobody wants the low "B" sounding like a tuba, right?), so DiMarzio scooped out some of the mids to brighten the low notes and kept the power down to a reasonable level to avoid unnecessary sludge. You can get everything from a good jazz sound with a clean amp to a wall-of-sound with heavy overdrive. Many players have discovered this is also a very good bridge pickup when playing with a serious amount of distortion-power chords retain more openness, and single notes have a lot of clarity.

Recommended For: All positions

Tech Talk: The trend of the last several years has been to play 7-strings with massive overdrive. Taking the extreme low end of the seventh string into account, DiMarzio has been recommending the Blaze neck model for the bridge position as well, where the lower output and tighter lows create better chord definition. The latest 7-strings Ibanez has built for Korn have been equipped this way.


  • Wiring: 4 Conductor
  • Magnet: Ceramic
  • Output: 280 mV
  • DC Resistance: 15.80K
Blaze Neck DP700 Green

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