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Blue Velvet DP170S White

  • $119.00
DiMarzio Blue Velvet DP170S White

Note - DP170S is Reverse Polarity, and suitable for wiring into the middle pickup position, in between two humbucking pickups for example.

The Blue Velvet overcomes the problem of string balance that afflicts most single coils. The vintage magnet stagger wasn't made for light strings with a plain G, so DiMarzio recalibrated it in order to make the strings balance better. The Blue Velvet guitar pickup also features a new winding technique that gives the guitar attack, while keeping that famous single-coil sound.

Recommended for all positions but particularly recommended for neck and middle positions on rosewood fingerboard guitars.

The 1950s and early '60s produced a wide range of subtly different single-coils. One particular flavor that DiMarzio modeled the Blue Velvet on has a unique tonal balance - very clean and bright bass strings with relatively warm-sounding treble strings. Strictly speaking, the calibrated magnet stagger isn't authentic vintage and neither is the Blue Velvet's ability to reverse phase by wiring black hot and white ground. But both of these are important factors that will improve performance for many players.

DiMarzio DP170 Blue Velvet Neck Pickup Features:

  • 2 conductor classic wiring
  • Alnico 5 magnet
  • 153mV output
  • 7.05K DC resistance
Blue Velvet DP170S White

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