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Javelin V XL

  • $1,699.00

The Javelin V XL is a 6 string baritone 27" scale guitar, and extended range with 27 frets. Ideally suited to down-tuned players, wanting to achieve dropped B tuning while keeping reasonable string tension and good percussive playing performance. Ultra simple electronics... one humbucker and one killswitch... minimal signal loss for a tight and aggressive sound.

The V shape design is reminiscent of other classic pointy guitars, though we have opted for extreme fret access and a comfortable and lightweight thin body.

Design was intended to deliver a classy look, but focussed and aggressive in sound and playability. The body is thinner than most other V style guitars, and has a well balanced feel. The Pacific Mahogany in the body wings is tonally balanced and nicely resonant. The Ebony fretboard is snappy and can handle full range of dynamics and picking nuances.


  • 27"scale length, 27 fret neck, bolt-on construction. Neck-Through construction, as per photos available upon custom order. 
  • Body - Pacific Mahogany, dyed oil finish.
  • Neck - Walnut 5-piece, with twin Wenge skunk stripes. Ebony fretboard with no inlays, 27 Dunlop 6105 Stainless Steel frets. Oil finish on back of neck. Comfortable C-shaped profile.
    • Thickness at 1st fret - 18.5mm
    • Thickness at 12th fret - 20.5mm
  • Hardware - HIPSHOT tuners and string-thru-body fixed bridge, in Black. GRAPHTECH fixed nut. 
  • Pickups - BARE KNUCKLE Aftermath (bridge), Direct mounted to body. 
    • Switching - 2-way Kill Switch ONLY.
  • Additional features;
    • Orange "Glow In The Dark" side dots for enhanced visibility on dark sets.
    • Angled and recessed input jack route. 
    • Thinner body, very comfortable and well balanced feel in normal playing stance.
    • Dunlop Flush-mount strap locking system.

NOTE: Pictured guitar is an upgraded and custom model. Standard guitar is specified as above listing.

Javelin V XL
Javelin V XLJavelin V XLJavelin V XLJavelin V XL
Javelin V XL

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