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Katana FX6 White

  • $2,299.00
    Bareknuckle Pickups - Aftermath (bridge), Nailbomb (neck) $150
    Bareknuckle Pickups - Blackhawk set $160
    Hardcase, generic $119
    Hardcase, Deluxe $200

Katana is the Japanese name for the Samurai sword - a weapon that is simple, precise and dangerous. This sums up our Katana FX6 White guitar!

The Katana FX6 White is our 6 string standard scale version of the Katana FX7 White guitar.

Design was intended to deliver a classy look, but focussed and aggressive in sound and playability. The body is thinner than most Super-Strat style guitars, and with the semi-carved top, makes for an extremely comfortable and medium weight, well balanced guitar. The dense Wenge body is full in tone, and balanced with the American Swamp Ash top, giving it some mid-scooped depth and high end sparkle. The Ebony fretboard is snappy and can deliver full range of dynamics and picking nuances.


  • 25.5" scale length, 24 fret neck, bolt-on construction.
  • Body - Wenge (African), with thick American Ash top, natural oil finish.
  • Neck - Wenge 5-piece, with Flamed Maple stringers. Ebony fretboard with White Pearl offset dot inlays, 24 Jescar Stainless Steel frets. Oil finish on back of neck. Comfortable C-shaped profile.
    • Thickness at 1st fret - 18.0mm
    • Thickness at 12th fret - 20.0mm
  • Hardware - HIPSHOT tuners and string-thru-body fixed bridge, in Black. GRAPHTECH fixed nut. 
  • Pickups - DIMARZIO Tone Zone (bridge), and Air Norton (neck). Direct mounted to body. 
    • Switching - Volume only with Dimarzio 3-way 12-pole selector switch.
  • Additional features;
    • Orange "Glow In The Dark" side dots for enhanced visibility on dark sets.
    • Angled and recessed input jack route.
    • Special access carve on lower horn rear of body, for enhanced access to upper high frets. 
    • Thinner body, with semi-carved top, very comfortable and well balanced feel in normal playing stance.
    • OPTIONAL Pickups for Pre-Order - Bareknuckle Set of Aftermath (Bridge) and Nailbomb (Neck). This pickup combination provides a very focused tone in the higher Mid frequencies. 

The product is described in its entirety and spirit of design and craftsmanship. Specifications subject to change without notice, depending on availability of materials and hardware. Please inquire prior to purchase.
Katana FX6 White
Katana FX6 WhiteKatana FX6 WhiteKatana FX6 WhiteKatana FX6 White
Katana FX6 WhiteKatana FX6 WhiteKatana FX6 White

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