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Tomahawk FX7 XL Baritone

  • $1,699.00
    Dimarzio Pickups - ToneZone7 (bridge), Air Norton7 (neck) $200
    Bareknuckle Pickups - Aftermath7 (bridge), Nailbomb7 (neck) $300
    Hipshot Fixed Bridge $90
    Hipshot Griplock machineheads $85
    XL hardcase $150
Tomahawk FX7 XL Baritone

A simple and brutal weapon...

Entry level Australian built customshop quality guitar, for under a $1000...

This is the baritone 27" scale version of the Tomahawk FX7, also with a fixed bridge design. The Tomahawk FX7 XL Baritone is ideally suited to down-tuned players, wanting to achieve dropped tuning while keeping reasonable string tension and good percussive playing performance. It can comfortably tune down to F or E with suitable string gauge sets.

Design was intended to deliver a simple and earthy look, but versatile and aggressive in sound and playability. The dense Sapelle is warm and full in tone, and rings with long sustain. The Ebony fretboard is snappy and can handle full range of dynamics and picking nuances. With the coils split, all tones from strat to tele can can found, so in all there are 6 unique tones available from the simple but effective switching.


  • Body - Sapelle Mahogany (African), dyed, oil finish.
  • Neck - Maple 3-piece, with Wenge skunk stripe. Matching Sapelle headstock veneer. Ebony fretboard with offset Abalone dot inlays, 25 Dunlop 6105 frets. 27" scale length. Oil finish on back of neck. Comfortable C-shaped profile.
    • Thickness at 1st fret - 19.0mm
    • Thickness at 12th fret - 21.0mm
  • Hardware - generic tuners and string-thru-body fixed bridge, in Black.
  • Pickups - generic high output, Alnico V. Direct mounted to body. 
    • Switching - Volume only with coil split for both humbuckers, 3-way selector switch.

The Tomahawk is EASILY upgradable with higher level parts and pickups, and we understand many players are interested in these options to turn the Tomahawk into a real weapon. For your convenience, we have added currently available options as check boxes near the shopping cart above.

Tomahawk FX7 XL Baritone
Tomahawk FX7 XL BaritoneTomahawk FX7 XL BaritoneTomahawk FX7 XL BaritoneTomahawk FX7 XL Baritone
Tomahawk FX7 XL Baritone

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