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Seymour Duncan Nazgul 8 String Bridge Humbucker Pickup

  • $189.00

8 String Weapon of Mass Destruction!!

Created for total sonic obliteration, the Nazgûl starts where most passive high output pickups stop. The large ceramic magnet serves up aggressive tones for brutal, drop-tuned, chugging riffs, while the mid range is specifically voiced to bring out the definition from the B & F# strings. Fear not, though, for all of the gain and ruthless attack you're going to use, the notes will still remain fluid and articulate.

complete setup 
Bridge only. Designed to be matched with the Sentient neck.

Any 7 or 8 string. It brings out the best characteristics from any guitar.

available mods 
7 and 8-string version.

Aaron Marshall (Intervals), Keith Merrow, Jason Frankhouser, Patrick Sheridan (Fit for an Autopsy)


Cable: 4-Conductor
DC Resistance: 18.76k approx
Resonant Peak: 3.5kHz
Magnet: Ceramic Bar
EQ: Bass: 5
       Middle: 9
       Treble: 8

Click here for Sound Clip by Keith Merrow and Ola Englund.

Seymour Duncan Nazgul 8 String Bridge Humbucker Pickup

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