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Seymour Duncan Sentient 7 String Neck Humbucker Pickup

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    Passive Covered $40
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Built exclusively for 7 & 8 string players, the Sentient neck pickup is the perfect match for natural, complex warmth and tight articulation. Relying on an alnico 5 magnet and medium strength coils, the blend of vintage PAF and modern tones sounds incredible in both clean and high gain settings. No frequency is pushed to give a completely even tone.

Complete setup 
Use with any 7 or 8 string Seymour Duncan bridge pickup.

Passive Mount with naked black coils.

Best with bright to semi-warm woods (from Maple to Korina) with either Maple or Rosewood fingerboards.

Available mods 
7 and 8-string version.

Aaron Marshall (Intervals), Keith Merrow, Jason Frankhouser, Patrick Sheridan (Fit for an Autopsy)


Cable: 4-Conductor
DC Resistance: 9.2k approx
Resonant Peak: 5.57kHz
Magnet: Alnico V bar
EQ: Bass: 4
       Middle: 3
       Treble: 8

Click here for Sound Clip by Keith Merrow and Ola Englund.

Seymour Duncan Sentient 7 String Neck Humbucker Pickup

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