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ET's Slippery Nut Cream

  • $15.00

Instrument Tuning Lubricant

Don't Bust Your Nut!
Use ET's Slippery NUT CREAM

Apply Nut Cream to: 
- Nut Slots 
- Trem Pivots 
- Bridge Saddles 
- String Guides, and any other contact points. 

Use every time changing strings or during regular maintenance. Our cutting edge formula provides ultra low Coefficient Of Friction, between the steel string and steel/plastic/bone/graphite etc. contact points.

Never let your guitar tech tell you that your nut is good enough if its filed and polished. Try the Nut Cream and see the difference in tuning stability and reduced wear on contact points. We put oil lubricant in our car engines, even though the cylinders are honed and the pistons are polished, else you will have metal to metal friction no matter how clean and polished the parts are.

Safe, non-toxic, environment friendly, with cosmetic grade ingredients.

Packaged in a tough plastic tube, small and suitable to store in your guitar hardcase, toolkit, workshop bench, or general luthier's workspace.

The standard 1cc (1 milli-litre) lube tube is enough for months of string changes or general maintenance for the average user. Great value for money that's hard to beat!

Our standard $15 pack contains:

1cc Lube Tube, assembled and ready to use.

1 x Red 0.26mm aperture Tip, for finer application and a spare tip just in case

1 x Applicator swab, to help clean slots and apply product

1 x plastic dropfill Toothpick, to help spread and work the product in fine areas

Price Discounts for 3 ($13.33 only each), or 6 or more ($12.50 only each)

ET's Slippery Nut Cream
ET's Slippery Nut CreamET's Slippery Nut CreamET's Slippery Nut CreamET's Slippery Nut Cream
ET's Slippery Nut Cream

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