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Grant McGuinness
ZEOLITE - Melbourne, Australia
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Grant McGuinness Is the Guitarist of Australian acts Epimetheus, Ame Noire & Zeolite accompanied by fellow ET endorsee Patrick Haas.

Known for bringing forth razor sharp technical riffs and crushing grooves, Grant McGuinness also brings an electric presence towards the stage which couldn’tbe done without his lightweight ET Avenger FM7 Custom.
Patrick Haas
ZEOLITE - Melbourne, Australia
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Patrick  Haas  is  guitarist  in  both  Zeolite  and  Yugen,  heavily  influencing  both  outfits  with  his   

unique  riff  driven,  technical  compositions.

His  guitar  work  can  be  heard  across  all  of  Zeolite  and  Yugen's  material,  forming  half  of  Zeolite's 

string  section  with  fellow  ET  endorsee  Grant  McGuinness.

Their  specced  out  7  string  Avengers  and  built  for  outright  functionality,  and  a  hyper  aggressive 

tone,  and  serve  Patrick  well  in  both  Yugen  and  Zeolite  offering  no  compromise  between 

playability  and  tone.

Patrick Haas is guitarist in both Zeolite and Yugen, heavily influencing both outfits with his  unique riff driven, technical compositions.

His guitar work can be heard across all of Zeolite and Yugen's material, forming half of Zeolite's string section with fellow ET endorsee Grant McGuinness.

Their specc'ed out 7 string Avengers are built for outright functionality, and a hyper aggressive tone, and serve Patrick well in both Yugen and Zeolite offering no compromise between playability and tone.